February 23, 2013

Goodie Bag: Don't Fear the Internet

I don't know about you guys, but being a print-based designer definitely cause a bit of a hiccup for me when it comes to the web. Honestly, wrapping my mind around all the jumbled letters and phrases the compile the ever-complicated "code" of a website is overwhelming to say the least. So, I've found a solution!...or at least a very helpful and comical introduction to take the edge off.

Don't Fear The Internet is a collaboration of Jessica Hische and Russ Meschmeyer. It is made of short videos giving you the down and dirty details to be able to get your footing in the realm of all things web.

Have fun and enjoy! I'm almost through all of them and really do feel a bit less terrified of web design and all it entails. As I find more resources on conquering the web design wave, I'll post them for your viewing pleasure.

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