April 12, 2013

Atop the Mountain: A New Perspective

Apologies for my absence! The past couple weeks have been pretty insane. I've gone on vacation, landed a freelancing job and been constantly tinkering with updating my portfolio + creating new projects. In regards to my time out of the city, I went to a beautiful little cabin in the mountains near Gatlinburg, TN. When I say that I was atop the mountain...I literally was ATOP THE MOUNTAIN. Our cabin was so high, I may have cried a little when lugging our van up to the top the first time...just a little... But the scare was SO worth it. I got great pictures ( like the one above) as well as some much needed computer free time and Galaga playing time. I have to be honest, I completely nerded out and managed to get four of the five high scores on the console in our cabin... (secretly I'm super stoked!) Anyways, besides great pictures, there was much (maybe too much) great food + fabulous company!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. I feel really relaxed and ready to rev up the blog again. I've been really struggling with a solid topic to focus on since I'm really into a lot of different stuff. Originally, I wanted this blog to be a way for me to get my design inspiration, work, and opinions out there to not only be expressive but also as a way to network. I've found that I'm interested in telling you guys about a lot more than just my opinions on design. I'm thinking (as you can see from a few previous posts) that this blog is going to included a lot of health and fitness stuff as I get back on the workout train + a little bit of fashion and of course just random articles etc. that strike me. I look forward to getting all this up and out here for you to see, so stay tuned for a more steady flow of posts!

Be true. Be free. Be inspired.

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