April 16, 2013

Time: Where does it go when you're doing....well, everything

I don't know about any of you, but time management is a bit of a pitfall for me at times. I recently started freelancing for an actual company on top of having a full time job + looking to do more freelancing for another company. Needless to say, my life has felt a little bit more than hectic recently. Finding time to just chill has been more difficult and turning off my brain for a second or two has proven even harder. So enough about my problems. How do I solve them? Well, I'm no pro to be sure, but these are a few tips + tricks I have for time management. Even if you're just a student, these can be helpful as well. 

1. Teux Deux: This is a great way to visually see your days and set "to-do" lists. I need to explore this more but the graphic designer in me loves this.

2. Google Calendar: I've found that this is really convienient not only because you can color code the crap out of your stuff, but also because (if you use gmail) your email + schedule is all in one spot. Easy!

3. Writing Lists: Now, I've been doing this my whole life and this seems to actually get me off my butt and doing the things I need to do. Physically writing something down triggers something in my brain to remember it more or maybe just feel like it's real + important as opposed to being lost in digital land.

These are just a few, but they get the ball rolling for me. Trial + error really is the best way to find what your time management style is whether your a full-timer, freelancer, or student. Life seems to be chaotic at the worst times and more often than not, I'm day-dreaming about the beach. So see what works for your style and build on that! Happy Tuesday!

Be true. 
Be free.
Be inspired.

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