April 18, 2013

Get off your butt!...but do it stylishly

In the spirit of getting my butt off the couch and actually sticking to a workout regimen, there's nothing more motivating than great workout gear ( or that occasional glimpse of yourself walking by a reflective surface). So here's a few things that made my wish list. In case you can't tell already...I have a bit of an obsession with mint, teal and the like -  but whatever, these are SO awesome. Links are below of course, so check out some of this stuff. Honestly, if you're looking for unique workout stuff or just unique stuff in general, I find Wanelo to be a more than fab resource. So get shopping + join me in the "get my butt off the couch" movement. 

Be true. 
Be free. 
Be inspired.

one // two // three // four // five // six

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