April 25, 2013

Brand Spankin' New!

Eeeeek! Exciting news! I've FINALLY taken the time to re-brand myself and the logo is now up :) More branding throughout the blog and website to follow. I don't know about you, but as a designer, I constantly feel overwhelmed by all the design inspiration out there. One day I feel like I want my brand to be modern and then the next I'll see a really inspiring retro logo. Umph! Can't we just have this idea pop into our heads and yell at us "I'M THE ONE!" ? So with the seemingly endless amount of inspiration out there, I've finally created what I feel really represents me and my style. I'm a beachy gal. Literally. If I could spend every waking moment there I would. Therefore, my logo is a little modern with a lot of beach thrown in. I love it! I've never been fully satisfied with any branding I've done for myself. This time, I actually got some outside feedback and it did a world of good! Never underestimate the power of a good critique, even if it's mostly bad. Every piece of advice builds you up and makes you a better more aware designer whether you realize it or not. Even if all you have is a close friend or co-worker, another pair of eyes on something you've been looking at for hours is a life-saver.

Be true. 
Be free.
Be inspired.

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