March 6, 2013

Style Me Pretty: Winter Wear 01

Even  though spring is only a few weeks away, winter is definately not giving up that easy, hence today is a snow day. So, since I'm snowed in for the remainder of the day and just looking outside is giving me the shivers, here's a look that makes me feel a little more empowered to trek out into the snow. 

I adore infinity scarves and, just my luck, these are super warm and comfy! Plus grey goes with literally anything. A little pattern and studs never hurt, so why not put them on your kicks. These shoes are great, maybe not so much if you plan on going sledding, but nonetheless I'd love to have these! Lastly, I don't know about you, but my hands are ALWAYS the first things to freeze and I can never handle wearing full gloves. These are the perfect combo. They're gloves + mittens when you want them to be. The best of both worlds if I do say so myself. This whole look can be found at the great + wonderful Topshop (links below). 

*By the way, these gloves are on clearance for $2.00!

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